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Buyer Beware ? Know the Facts

Posted On: 8/7/2017

A Christian Health Ministry Plan may not be the best deal

Medicare Reform Part of Short Term Funding Bill

Posted On: 2/7/2018

Known to almost no one since it has bipartisan support and no controversary the new Short Term Funding Bill will have a permanent Medicare reform called the Chronic Care Act.  Interesting that the press has not bothered to extol the virtues of this reform or, for that matter, even mention it.  Since it does not cause division between the liberals and conservatives, it must not be newsworthy.  You decide. 

This article is taken from the daily Congressional information publication "The Hill"

Trump to Propose Medicare changes

Posted On: 2/9/2018

This Associated Press Article lists some of the changes the Administration is proposing to Medicare.  All good, all money saving to both seniors and the Government.

Federal Reinsurance Bill

Posted On: 2/9/2018

Finally there may be some movement towards a federal reinsurance bill.  Giving the states leeway in establishing these pools to best treat their insurers and consumers is wise.  I still question any cost estimates and especially funding, but reinsurance is needed to help ren in cost.

Complete Information On Section 1332 Waivers

Posted On: 2/10/2018

Although under Section 1332 of the Affodable Care Act states are allowed to file for waivers allowing them to make significant changes in how their health insurance is delivered and administered, it is not believed that Ohio will file for any changes.  Many states have filed to include "workfare" in their Medicaid program making able bodied adults either work (minimum 20 hours), be in school, take vocational training, and even take English language lessons to avoid the mandate.  Other states have asked to be able to invoke time limits on how long an able bodied person can remain on Medicaid.  I back these measures to help relieve the burden of cost on our states where Medicaid often takes up 30% of their yearly budget.  I do want to emphasize that the provisions are mandated to able bodied only, and not the infirm, single mothers, the disable, mentally ill, or homeless,